POLIMIND – Paper Creations


I really like papercraft, and the idea of making them bigger, sturdier and easier to assemble to use in decorating was very good.

Francisco Júnior Caldas de Almeida Brazil

I follow you on instagram and I'm absolutely in love with your design and creations. I adore the simplicity, geometric structures and the precision of your designs! I do origami since my childhood and got inspired by your work to built my first 3D paper animal.

Katinka Clasen Germany

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Available Designs

Dragon Head

height: 50cm
width: 35cm
depth: 31cm
# of parts: 80


height: 35cm
width: 23cm
depth: 19cm
# of parts: 40


height: 80cm
width: 76cm
depth: 21cm
# of parts: 67


height: 80cm
width: 36cm
depth: 24cm
# of parts: 77

World Map

height: 100cm
width: 200cm
depth: 5cm
# of parts: 175

Modular Pattern

height: 10cm
width: 5cm
depth: 3cm
# of parts: 50


height: 45cm
width: 12cm
depth: 16cm
# of parts: 36


height: 31cm
width: 39cm
depth: 39cm
# of parts: 44

Tired of blank walls and empty spaces at your home? Not anymore.
Have a great time while assembling the models. It's easy and contagious!

High quality durable paper (240 - 300gr)

Lots of color choices

Pre-cut and pre-creased pieces

Easy to assemble

Optimized geometry for maximum stability

New design requests available

How You Make It
1 - Apply Provided Glue Strips
2 - Connect Corresponding Pieces
3 - Assemble the Parts
4 - You got yourself a dragon!

Great designs and excellent people working with this beautiful art :D

Mark Obregon Obando Peru

The projects have a really nice polygon aesthetic which create interesting shadow patterns on the projects themselves

Declan Webb England

Kathryn Edwards Australia

Polimind creations have clean and crisp lines giving a contemporary take on traditional forms of papercraft that I love.

Miss Velora UK

Polimind is a beautiful creative idea.

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